Able Pest is a great pest control company that I recently used. They showed up on time and did a fabulous job. I’m happy a friend of mine told me about their services and I’ll be using again soon. pest control

Review  extracted from   Google Places    – Jan      – Bondi


Jayson could not have been more helpful.  I am  terrified of spiders, and I’m sure he probably thought I was an idiot wanting him to make sure all the spiders were gone, but he didn’t say a word. Just smiled and checked all over the house after he’d finished spraying, and he was right – no more spiders. I’m rapt. Thanks Able Pest Abaitment!

Review extracted from PestControlReviews –   Celeste  – Woollahra


Great job by Peter. He called me back almost immeidately and was very polite. When he came to my house he provided an outstanding service. I can’t tell yet whether all the insects have gone because there were a lot of them before he came. Peter said he would come back if I continue to see any insects after about a week … or so. The natural pest control methods that Able Pest Control Abaitment use are so much better than breathing in poisonous chemicals. The fact that he said he would come back must mean he is quite confident of the natural products. Great service. 

Review extracted from TrueLocal – Lloyd Fry


Most of the pest control industry are a bunch of crooks and cowboys who work in the industry solely for the money. Peter is different. Able Pest Abaitment Pest Control Service gives a quality service and I have no regrets. 

Review extracted from StartLocal – Bruce K.


I had a pest problem and Peter from the Pest Control Eastern Suburbs site (Able Pest Abaitment) was very informative and professional. He was happy for me to watch what he was doing andn was very obliging. I really like the idea of non-chemical treatments, but I guess the downside to this is that the baits don’t work immediately. We were still seeing cockroaches for about a week after the Pest Control came out. We are free of cockroaches now, though, so are very happy with the service. 

Review extracted from StartLocal – Joyc H.


Great work, guys.  I’m very impressed by the professional attitude – turning up 10 minutes early – what a plus!  And after a couple of days, there are NO more spiders and other nasties.  Thanks!  

Review extracted fromTrueLocal – Hannah Anne


Unbelievably prompt and efficient service. He arranged a time that same day, arrived on time and completed the job quickly and efficiently. I would have given five star all round, except it is too early to determine how effective the treatment was. 

Review extracted from Google Places – Mark Clark


The only down side is that the baits took a while to work. I guess that’s the drawback of using non-chemical treatments. Still saw cockroaches for a week after the guy had come, but now we are cockroach free! 

Review extracted from Google Places – Leon Sowers


I will definitely use Able Pest from now on. They are a very good service and even took the time to explain to me exactly what they were doing. 

Review extracted from TrueLocal – Robert Ratzlaff


Peter from Able Pest Control Eastern Suburbs came over and treated our whole house. He did a really thorough job for our flea problem.  

Review extracted from StartLocal – Lynda D.


I’ve been using these guys for a couple of years now, and Peter is always cheerful and ready to drop everything and come out (I sometimes leave it until I’ve seen quite a few cockroaches, and I need him to come urgently). I probably should get the treatment done every 6 months and make sure I never start to get overrun! If I don’t get hold of him straight away, I leave a message and he seems to call me back within minutes. Great job once again, Peter. Thanks..  

Review extracted from RankedByReview – Delia Stratford.



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    I have a possum in my roof. The possum just moved in and we would like it to move out. Heard fighting and tumbling and hissing in the roof cavity last night. I went up into the roof today and saw a possum tail. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. Jenny


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