Termite Treatment Options

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Termite Treatment – the Facts

Termites are one of the species of insects which are related to the eating of wood, so if you do not carry out a termite treatment in your house, and you have termites, then your house might be at the risk of collapsing. The biggest problem with termites is their detection. Termites always eat timber structures, base pillars and walls from INSIDE and hence are invisible to us in day to day life. By the time you realise you may have termites, the damage is usually already well established, but with the termite treatment you can prevent further damage to your house.

Start Termite Treatment Promptly!Termite Treatment Options

If you even suspect that you have termites, then you should start your termite treatment immediately because termites live in colonies and they eat through wood really fast.

You can follow simple steps and prevent termites from approaching your house:

• Since termites eat wood, therefore remove all waste timber articles left in the basement or in the backyard after the construction.
• Identify the naturally termite proof timber or termite treated timber and use them for any purpose which involves contact of timber with soil.
• Termites are also attracted to the water, so ensure you don’t have any leaking pipes, showers etc.
• Inspect your house and surroundings regularly for any signs of termite presence.

Different Types of Termite Treatment

Termite treatments can be of different kinds.

• Remedial Treatment
If the nest of the termites is identified then it can be destroyed directly by removing the affected article completely (assuming it is not part of your house!) or by the application of certified chemical insecticide. Even if the nest is not identified, the termite attack can be stopped by the use of chemicals, which can be applied in different forms.

• Barrier Treatment
The chemical barrier in soil acts as major deterrent against termite attack. The chemical barrier in soil is applied around and under the house. The infested areas inside the house can also be treated with chemicals in the forms of dust or liquid formulations.

• Dusts
Dusts treatment can be a part of any combined approach for termite treatment or stand alone termite treatment. The dust contains an active chemical ingredient, which is applied in small quantity in the affected area. The dust settles on termite and is carried to the nest by the termites themselves. The termites ingest the active ingredient by cleaning themselves up. The termites follow grooming as social activity and hence the chemical spreads to the entire colony. If applied in sufficient quantity, the whole colony can be destroyed.

• Baits
In this treatment, the termites are concentrated in a bait station and then fed a  bait which is palatable food. This food contains an active chemical ingredient. Similar to the dust, the termites take the bait back to the colony and the active chemical ingredient spreads throughout the colony for its destruction.

Some termite treatments involve use of chemicals which are dangerous to the human health as well.

Any termite treatment must be carried out by the licensed insect controller only.

It’s better to prevent the termite attack by following the simple steps described above, however if the termites manage to get in to your house then prompt termite treatment is a must.

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