Termite Protection

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There are termite protection steps you can take to ensure that your chances of a termite infestation is minimised.  Lessen and remove the timber around your yard, especially if you are renovating or carrying out other works. Also termites are often attracted by the moisture resulting from leaking water pipes, drains and showers so be sure to fix the leakage problems at your home.

Termite Protection

Australian weather, being mostly humid, in and of itself encourages termites. It is therefore important to ensure good ventilation in and around your home.

Termite Protection Methods

Termites thrive on wood and destroy many homes every year in Australia. There are many methods that you can use to control termites as a home owner. One common method of termite protection that many home owners use and benefit from is to call a pest exterminator once a year and have a pest control inspection carried out.

Termite ProtectionWe will inspect your home checking for all the places likely to be affected by termites. If we find any sign of termite activity, we will discuss with you the available methods of exterminating the termites.

Another effective method of controlling (and preventing) termites is moisture control. Termites thrive in warm and damp places and in order to control the insects, we will inspect your home and advise on whether it is desirable to install temperature controlled vents and vapor barriers. These render the environment where the termites are most likely to come, unbearable for them to colonize in, leaving your house termite free.

There are many products designed for termite protection. One of these products is sulfuryl fluoride, which is a replacement to methlyl bromide. This product is marketed under a number of different brand names. The oldest brand is Vikane, which has been in the market since the 1960s. Other brand names for this termite control product are Profume, Zythor and Masterfume.

An effective method of ascertaining whether termites are present is by using infrared technology. This is also referred to as thermal imaging equipment. Some termite control companies use an infra red technology camera that detects the presence of termites in a home by displaying heat spots. This method of detecting and controlling termites is high tech and more expensive than conventional inspections, but it offers more reliable results. It is also useful for confirming the presence of termites where there is a suspicion, but not a confirmation, based on a conventional inspection.

One product used in termite protection and treatment is orange oil, which is organic and therefore safe to use. This product is made from the chemicals present in orange skins and especially D-Limonene. Orange oil effectively gets rid of drywood termites but it kills all other kinds of termites that it comes into contact with. It also kills all termites that feed on wood that has been recently treated. Since the toxicity level of orange oil is low, this product can be safely used around plants, children, animals and foods.

Orange oil is usually applied in localised treatments which involve the injection of liquid orange oil in areas known to host termites.

Another type of termite treatment used is fumigation, which is a general treatment that involves gassing the whole house. This method is rarely used nowadays, and can be quite toxic.

Chemical barriers, dusts, and baiting systems are all much more often used as termite protection methods, and each has its pros and cons.  We will discuss your requirements with you and make recommendations as to whether one of these methods would be most suitable for you.

Termite Protection to Prevent Infestations

Termite infestations can start at any time of the year but they are more common when the weather begins to get warmer. Many homeowners experience problems with termites during the spring season.

If you suspect that you have a termite problem, you need to contact a termite control company immediately. We will talk to you about your options, and will take the necessary measures to control the termites before they cause significant damage to your most expensive asset. Professionals from good termite control companies are knowledgeable and we have the necessary skills that allow us to operate specialized equipment useful for extermination.

We may use equipment such as soil treatment rods and masonry drills in order to reach the termites in order to eradicate them. It may be necessary to inject pesticides in areas such as inside the foundation walls, under the concrete slabs and along your home’s foundation if you choose a chemical barrier option.

Baiting systems used in termite protection and control are non-toxic and can involve less disruption to your home and yard environs.

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