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– 04 1994 1994

Natural pest control is a topic close to our heart here at Pest Control Eastern Suburbs – Able Pest Abaitment.

I noticed some interesting views posted about it over at a site called Pest Web.  Some might think that these are unacceptable points of view, especially if you have a morbid fear of some types of insects or reptiles, but I think the views are actually pretty sensible – you can’t go destroying the entire eco-system around your house and expect there to be no repercussions on the environment …

Here is what “Mr Pest Control” says:

” I agree that there is that percentage of homeowners who still want toxic chemicals applied to their home every time you come, and who believe that if you did not “spray something” they did not get their money’s worth. I believe this is very, very old thinking on their part and it needs to change, and the only way it is going to change is for our industry to educate them to understand better what the nature of pesticides is and what our role should be. We should not be attempting to kill all living creatures on a property, and even when a customer DEMANDS that you kill the frogs or lizards or praying mantids or ladybugs, because they just get the creeps with these things, it is important for us to make every effort NOT to do so. Maybe we even should walk away from some customers who demand that we harm the environment in their belief that it makes them happier. “

You really can’t argue with that, can you?  In fact, we here at Pest Control Eastern Suburbs – Able Pest Abaitment – heartily agree.

This kind of thinking is on all fours with the way we operate.

Natural Pest Control - Leave the Preying Mantis alone!

Even more importantly, “Mr Pest Control” also says:

” What the customer really is paying for is relief from unwanted pests, and too many of them still cling to the idea that the only way to accomplish this is to spray often enough that a constant layer of active insecticide exists around their home and everywhere inside. Perhaps this made more sense when the older active ingredients first came into use and could last for several months, but this constant use is also a wonderful way to encourage resistance to the active ingredients as well as to pose the opportunity for the wrong living creatures to be exposed to the material. Rather than hoping that a layer of insecticide will intercept crawling ants and roaches before they make it into the house, we should remove the harborage outside that they hide in, remove the food resources that they rely on, and close permanently the openings they need to get inside. “

and this not only makes sense, but is something you can do yourself to reduce the number of times you have to call and pay us!

But when you do have problems, you know who to call – don’t you? – Pest Control Eastern Suburbs – Able Pest Abaitment – 04 1994 1994!

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