Pest Control Methods

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On December 12, 2011
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Using the right pest control methods and hiring the right pest control service is essential.


Today a variety of non-chemical pest control methods are used within the modern pest control industry as a means of controlling various pests. While pest control operators historically have used chemical pesticides as tools for controlling pests, some pest control companies are now using environmentally friendly methods. There has been a dramatic increase in the use and production of pesticide around the world over the past fifty years, and with an increase in public concern about this phenomenen, the pest control industry is starting to heed these concerns.

Pest Control Methods


Pest Control MethodsPest control tends to be an important activity particularly in Australia. Quite apart from the insect pests such as cockroaches which are very common in households, tens of millions of dollars of yearly damage it caused by termites in Australia. Thus using the right pest control methods and hiring the right pest control service is essential.

There are various different pests that have to be dealt with by pest control operators. Pest control services usually provide services at a variety of venues such as food-handling premises, hospitals, industrial sites, private homes and schools. Various Australian pests tend to be attracted to these different locations where they not only pose a threat to human health but property as well.

Determining the Best Pest Control Methods

The main responsibilities of reputable pest control companies is to provide diagnostics of the pest problem by visiting the problem site, and determining the best method to control the pest problem.

Australian pest control companies frequently are involved in applying pesticides in a variety of methods. Generally, for flying insects sprays purchased from your supermarket are adequate, however, for crawling insects surface treatment is required, for pests inside materials fumigation is occasionally opted for, and for rodents the baiting method predominates.

The most common pest control methods of applying pesticides used by Australian pest control operators are the surface treatments. Both chemical (poison) and non-chemical (environmentally friendly) pesticides may be used in surface treatments.

Since the amount of pests infesting homes and gardens in suburban Australia is increasing as the population expands, the demand for pest control services is also significantly increasing. Controlling pests is necessary for Australian residents because these pests are not only a nuisance, but can even pose a threat to the health of people by the spreading of disease.

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Methods

Finding the right Eastern Suburbs pest control company is important. The traits of a truly reputable and reliable pest control company include the provision of effective means for fighting pests preferably without exposing the human occupants to chemicals.

Able Pest Abaitment utilises only environmentally friendly pest control methods – so call us today.

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