Pest Control in Bondi

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Pest Control in Bondi

Pest control in Bondi is required wherever pests are found. Cockroaches, ants, flies, mosquitoes and spiders are some of the common pests found around any family home. However, no one is impressed when the house is invaded by insect pests. These insects can cause harm to the well being of the family living there. Use of chemicals to get rid of pests is a typical method that has been used for many years. Use of poisoned baits, traps, and poison sprays are other methods of controlling pests.

So let’s look at some methods of keeping pests to a minimum.

There are some steps you can take to minimise pest problems. Garbage and waste provide a breeding ground for pests such as cockroaches, ants, flies, mosquitoes, rats, etc. It is a good idea to keep the surroundings of a house clean. Poisoned baits are commonly used for the removal of rats that have maintained to find safe spots to live and breed inside the house. Traps can also used for this purpose.

Spiders can be kept under control if other insects are kept to a minimum. This is because spiders are often present due to the availability of other insets to eat. One way of reducing insect problems is by utilizing effective lighting on the exterior of the building.

Insect baits can be placed in strategic places. Make certain that they are far away from the kitchen or where food is kept or eaten, though.

Ants infest the house when they find established food and water sources inside a house. Ants produce scent trails that bring them back to the house. Cleaning the house of food crumbs after every meal or snack is an effective way to reduce the risk of being overrun by ants. Sticky petroleum jelly smeared around containers, and pet food prevents the ants from climbing inside. Sprinkling infested areas with ground cinnamon powder is thought to keep off many a pest, and may be effective for minor pest problems.

Here are some more basic ideas that can be followed to keep the house somewhat free of insects – a “do it yourself” pest control in Bondi:

• Keep all the drawers and cabinets clean.
• Make sure that the doors and windows of the house are kept fastened if they are closed.
• All windows and doors can be fitted with wire mesh where required.
• Keep the gap underneath the doorways to a minimum.
• Sweep around the outside of the house as often as appropriate.
• Ensure that standard garden maintenance is undertaken.
• Seal any gap or crevice that is accessible, between the internal and external walls of the house.

Employing chemical pesticides to get rid of pests can be potentially dangerous. Most common insecticides use organophosphates, a compound that is used in biological warfare. It is undoubtedly not a wise idea to expose our families to such dangerous agents. Biological pesticides made from plants and dried flowers are growing more popular. Using pyrethrum powder and sprays is a popular method for handling unwanted insects and pests. All-natural and safer alternatives are harmless to humans and pets alike.

But irrespective of what steps you take, professional assistance is often essential to get rid of a pest problem once and for all. For expert pest control in Bondi, call Able Pest Abaitment right away on 04 1994 1994.

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