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Cockroaches are generally considered to be nocturnal creatures, and will hide well out of sight during the day. They have a natural displeasure for light, whch is why you won’t often find them in plain view, particularly during the day. The most common area for cockroaches to eat and sleep is under sink cabinets, behind kitchen cabinets, under major appliances and counter tops, and in laundry areas. Cockroach Management

Tips for keeping cockroaches to a minimum:

1. Always clean food (including crumbs) from counter tops, tables and other areas of the house. The less food there is lying around, the less inviting it is to cockroaches.

2. Fix plumbing leaks and establish a moisture control program in the house. Wipe up water spills immediately. (Cockroaches can survive without food for extended periods, but not without a water source).

3. Use a dehumidifier to control household moisture. (Again, this is to eliminate any possible water source).

4. Get rid of clutter. Get rid of stray bags, papers, old newspapers, plastic shopping bags, and envelopes in drawers and cupboards. Keep the area under sinks and around washers and dryers tidy. Scrub laundry and basement floors with a solution of bleach and hot water several times a year.

5. Caulk or seal pipe moldings. If the hole is too large to be caulked, push steel wool pads into the open spaces until you’ve formed a tight seal. Foam caulking also works well at filling large holes around pipes.

But if you find yourself with an existing cockroach problem, or if the above tips fail to keep all the cockroaches away, then call us!

For Cockroach Control:

Able Pest Abaitment – Jayson Fulmer – 0424 898 763

We conduct pest control in the whole of the Eastern Suburbs and surrounding areas including:

Double Bay
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and many more!

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    We have what I believe are german cockroaches in our kitchen. I’m wondering what the average cost to come to the house and get rid of them is?
    Thanks, Leah

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