Rat Traps

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Pest control can be a challenging task for homeowners, and and rat baits may be a more common method of rat control in residential areas than are rat traps.

Rat Traps

– types of Rats …

Rodent Species:- There are three types in Australia that may be problematic in rural and city environments alike.

1.  Roof Rats.

– This particular one is one of the tiniest of them all, it will grow to about 6 to 8 Inches long, however this is not inclusive of the tail. The snout is more pointed compared to the others, the ears are bigger and more interesting the tail is longer than the rest of it’s body. The roof rats a very good climbers and you’re more likely to find them on the top around your roof areas.

2. Norway Rats.

– This is larger than the roof rat, has a big body,the snout is not pointed, the ears are tiny and it’s the opposite of the roof rat having it’s tail shorter than the rest of the body. These type of rodents can be found in most properties compared to the rest of the rats.

3. House Rats.

– These are smaller than the rest with ears that are quite large. In comparison to its body length, its tail is almost the same size when compared to the length of its body. House rats found indoors will have a dark shade of grey on their skin, while house rats living outside are more of yellow brown and you will find that most people refer to them as field  mice.

Rat Traps

It is important to use rat baits or rat traps, to prevent conditions and illnesses such as Salmonella that causes food poisoning, a bacterial infection known as rat bite fever, worms known as trichinosis, and another from of fever known as Typhus fever.

Contamination can occur in sensitive areas a such as places that we prepare our meals, and these germs are carried via the rodents’ fur, droppings and also urine.

Types of Rat Traps and Baiting

Placing of rat baits that are poisoned, is one of the methods that can be used to get rid of rats around your home. The rat poisons are commonly referred to as rodenticides. This is effective when one wants to kill a big number of rats at one go effectively.  These rat poisons come in several forms – Seeds, liquid forms, blocks. Your pest control professional will discuss with you which form they will be using.

How to prevent rat infestation of your property:

1. Keep your areas free from food stuffs especially kitchen.
2. Cover holes in your walls or any other areas.

But if these measures fail, do not delay in calling a pest control professional.  Aside from the health hazards, rats can very quickly chew through your electrical wiring causing power shortages, and yes, electrical fires.

Rat traps are an effective way to get rid of these rodents that plague your property.

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