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Mice Control Tips

Mice are the most common and troublesome pests in most homes and most people seeing even one mouse in  their home  will sensibly  seek mice control measures.   Mice Control Eastern Suburbs

Mice can live and thrive under a variety of conditions in your home, and can cause great damage including eating your food, the destruction of structures and the poisoning   of your food reserves.

There are a number of ways in which you can get rid of mice in your home and they include the use of traps, poison baits or rodenticides,  and glue boards.

Mice Control Methods

The most common and effective mice control method is   the use of traps when there are only a few mice in your home. These mouse traps are placed against walls, behind objects and in secluded areas where mice droppings are evident. Traps are less hazardous to children and other home pets. These traps can be used with some bait so that to attract the mice to the trap.   There are different types of mice traps like the snap traps which can only catch one mouse at a time and the multiple aE”catch mouse trap which can capture and hold a dozen mice before needing to be emptied. Glue boards are also another type of trap that is effective in mice control. The mice become entangled in the glue if they run on top of the board and they soon die, often of heart failure.

More Mice Control Methods

Another most effective method you can use for mice control in your home is by the use of rodenticides or poison baits. These are poisons that are food-based containing seeds or grain as the bait.   They kill the mice by interfering with normal clotting of the blood leading to internal bleeding.  They must  be kept out of children and pets reach.

You can  sometime assist in  controlling mice in your home by modifying your habitat. Proper sanitation, good housekeeping, proper storage of food materials and the general cleanliness of the house can help you gain better control of the mice. The proper disposal of garbage as this is where they build their habitat is a vital step to controlling mice as when your home is clean they do not find the proper place to live and they can be detected very fast.

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