Ant Control

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Ant Control

Ant control can be very important, as ants are one of the most stubborn and persistent insects that are encountered around buildings and homes. They are big nuisance and can contaminate human food.  A few species, like fire ants, cause painful stings and if the victim is hypersensitive, then he/she may even need medical treatment.

There are more than a dozen species of ants around your houses, however they may look similar to you. For controlling ant invasion yourself, you may first need to identify the species of the ant. It could be carpenter ant, pavement ant, pharaoh ant, odorous ant or acrobat ant. Collect three to four ants in a zip lock bag and take them to an entomologist for identification. Or, just call in a pest control expert who will eradicate the ants no matter what type they are.  ant control

Ant Control – Ant Characteristics

Ants live in a social structure with cooperation and intermingling colonies. The size of the colony may vary from a few hundreds to thousands and millions in numbers. Each colony has different kinds of individuals and each of them have a specific task to perform. The queen ants lay eggs and the other worker ants arrange food and water for them. The ants leave an invisible odor trail between food and nest for the workers to follow. Most of the species’ trails can be followed back to the nest.

Ants can make their colonies in any location whether inside or outside of the building. Those nesting inside the building for moisture and food are the most challenging to control. Ant Control Pest Control

Ant Control – Ant Management

Most people try to control the ants invasion by spraying the ants that are visible. However, there might be thousands of them in the nest which could be located anywhere in the house. As long as the queen is present in the colony and laying eggs, you can be rest assured that your ants menace is not going to be solved just by spraying the ones you can see. For ant control to be effecive, it is important to destroy the nest and the queen. In fact, spraying the trail can actually make it more difficult to locate the nest.

• Ants Nesting Indoors
Your house has numerous conditions and locations for the ants to build their nest and colony. Most of these locations would be hidden or difficult to approach such as behind window frames, beneath the floor or in the space behind walls. While the house provides ants a good and easy source of food from your kitchen wastes or scraps from dining table, the humid and dark conditions make favorable conditions for the queen to lay eggs.
For such nests which are impossible to locate, the best method for ant control is to call a pest control company. Baits can be placed near the trail observed or in general area where ants are seen. The worker ants will collect this bait and take back to the nest and feed other ants and queen. The whole colony is thereby poisoned and destroyed.

• Ants Nesting Outdoors
If the ant trail is leading to the garden or other outdoor area, your pest control expert will probably follow the trail and locate the nest. Once the nest is located, it can be sprayed with an insecticide directly onto the nest, or if it’s underground, then through a nozzle in the opening of nest.

It’s better to keep your kitchen and dining table scraps in a sealed bin, so that ants do not get its odor. Also, ants are particularly attracted to sweets, so if you find any sweet edible food scrap lying on floor or a bench, be sure to wipe the floor or bench thoroughly.

Ant prevention is of course one of the best methods of ant control. However, if you still happen to be attacked by ants, call a pest control expert in –

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